Zolar is:
Jorrit de Kort: vocals, saxophone, samples, synth
Marcel Reijerse: drums, samples, synth, guitar

A new biography is to follow soon. Until then use the information below:

The story so far:

Zolar started in the autumn of 1997 as a one-time project of (former member) Peter and Jorrit. Trying to combine the sounds of analog saxophones and the digital domain of drum'n bass and jungle breakbeats. As they performed one time during X-mas the concept proved to be working very well. After this they decided to get more into samplers and stuff. The first gig they only used a personal computer and a really lousy digital echo. After investing in a sampler and a new mixing desk they asked drummer Marcel to join them (fortunately he is more of a computer whizzkid as the both of them together). Only three months after that, they had their first gig in the new line-up, and Zolar was born.
In june 2001 Zolar became a duo, Peter left after some musical arguments.