Past gigs:

May 11th 2005
Private gig in De Effenaar, Eindhoven

October 17th 2004
"Songs for the Silver Surfer tribute festival" Burgerweeshuis, Deventer. Be there!

June 19th 2004
"Part of a Fabrique Sonique evening in Het Burgerweeshuis in Deventer.
This will be our final show.....

October 4 2002
"Regio finale Grote Prijs van Nederland, afdeling Dance", De Vloer, Utrecht.
We ended up here because of we won the "Oogst van Overijssel" bandcontest!

October 11 2002
"Loss Theater, Maastricht. This gig is part of the Popronde

July 7 2002
Plugplantsoenpop 2002, Deventer, Singelplantsoen

June 1st 2002
Deventer, Burgerweeshuis, Finals for "Oogst van Overijssel" bandcontest, category Dance.

And guess what?! We won!!!

April 27th 2002
Deventer, Burgerweeshuis, Drum 'n Bass party

September 7 2001
Rockin' Art Festival, Diepenheim

July 18 2001
Nijmegen, Valkhofaffaire

July 13 2001
-We just did another wedding gig! An unusual band for an unusual marriage!

June 10 2001,
- Deventer, De Elegast, we played together with Peter Pan and Burma Shave.

Oktober 13 2000,
- Zwolle, Popronde Eureka. A double gig together with Dream Speed.

September 9th 2000:
- Hengelo, Full Colour Summer Square festival. We played OK but the organisation wasn't the best we've seen. It was also the first time the power went down during a gig (Aargh).

September 8th 2000
-Deventer, Burgerweeshuiscafe. A private gig on a wedding (!!).
Congratulations Els & Berry!

Saturday june 24th 2000:
-Hedon, Zwolle, Popkoepel Overijssel festival. Somehow it didn't work this time; no interaction , no real magic. We've played better than this.

Saturday june 10th 2000:
-Oogst van Overijssel (Bandcontest, final), Hedon Zwolle.
Well, we played like hell but we didn't make it through. Damn!

Thursday june 1st 2000:
-Jannarok Festival, Diepenheim.
And again: big fun, a dancing crowd, too much beer, great music and nice people.....

Sunday may 28th 2000:
-Oogst van Overijssel (Bandcontest, preselection).
We made it through!! This means we'll be doing the finals on june 10th. We never played this short before: only 20 minutes!

Friday may 19th 2000:
-Support act for EboMan, Metropool, Hengelo.
Eboman is cool!

Friday february 18, 2000:
-"Het Burgerweeshuis", Deventer, "Plug Winterpop" special.
Yep, again. Since we were voted best band of the evening on january 28, we got to play another show. We played together with Figment, Slaine, Fist and Trailer. It was a pretty noisy/loud evening :-) but is really was worth it.

Friday january 28, 2000:
- "Het Burgerweeshuis", Deventer. Wow, what a show :-)
We even won the "best/most popular band of the evening" award!

Tuesday december 28, 1999:
- "Why don'tcha", Diepenheim. We had a great evening playing together with "Trailer".