September 2004: We recorded a song called "H.e.m.a." as a contribution for "Songs for the Silver Surfer", a cd that was released to honour and remember Arnoudt Pieters.
You can download H.E.M.A. here (9 MB, 256kbit/s mp3).

Two years have gone by since our record in 2000 and no new recordings. That's not good! Especially because our music changed a lot over time.
During a show on april 27th 2002 we had the opporunity to make a simple multitrack recording.

The results are pretty OK, but the overall balance between instruments levels could have been better.
Grab these new songs now!
Title Size
Matrix 3,54 MB
Hema 3,5 MB
Mazjor 4,78 MB
Syncbeepbam! 3,36 MB
Younin 4,25 MB

Older stuff: This was "released" summer 2000:
It's an independent release, we burn the cd's and print the coverart ourselves.

All songs on the cd are available below. Just because of diskspace we had to downsample the songs and convert them to mono.
If you like the songs, just order the real thing! We decided to keep the price really low: 7 Euro excl. shipping. Now that's cheap...

Title: BBoy Blown Bulldozer Music Pewlers
size (Mb): 1.46 1.83 1.81 1.81 1.83
Title: Rollthing Sozolar Xtrakorny Youning  
size (Mb): 2.08 2.08 2.03 2.07  

All songs: ©1998/1999/2000/2002/2004 Zolar

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